Say goodbye to gray blobs and say hello to wonder.

Run SL In Your Web Browser

We use powerful cloud servers to render your virtual world and stream it straight to your browser, so you don't need a $1500 graphics card or expensive computer for even the highest graphics settings.



The Benefits


See your world the way it was meant to be seen with gorgeous shadows and shader effects.


Never miss an event again. Handle the largest crowds at the highest settings without crashing.


Enjoy years of wonder for less than the price of a graphics card.

"I tried it, one word : AMAZING! This will be a game changer tool for the Second Life Club Scene."

Vanna St Laurent, CEO, St Tropez Overwater Solutions

"I used SL Go for a few weeks, and my experience was not half as good as what you have out of the box. I’m very impressed."

Dusty Wasp, SL Resident

"I was truly impressed with Bright Canopy. Having Second Life running at full capacity has always been a wish of mine and many other Second Life’ers. I was impressed with the quality, the screen size that was streamed and even, most importantly, the fact that I didn’t need additional software to run Second Life! At the moment, it’s looking like my replacement to use Second Life and allows me to use SL in ways I haven’t thought of before."

Leo Newball, Jr. / (SL) Nexeus Fatale

"Runs great in my browser on a 4/year old computer running FreeBSD, and the graphics settings were maxed out."

CoderSean, Greybeard
  • "Just tried the Beta— absolutely impressed! Fantastic performance via web browser. The service appears to be using the technology, and works like a hot damn. I would use again."

    Jethro Renfort
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    Please note new price: 10 hours for $17/mo
    Additional time $0.03/minute
    Each session charged for a minimum of 30 minutes
    NEW: Mobile device support. (BETA)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Does This Work?

    We run a viewer on a cloud machine with a hefty graphics card. We then send the image to you in a browser or (coming soon) a native client. We take your input from the keyboard, mouse and microphone and feed that back to the machine in the cloud.

    What About OpenSim?

    We have supported OpenSim from day one. We will also be adding more viewers after launch.

    Can You Handle The Load?

    We use the Frame application streaming platform as our back-end provider. Frame currently handles streaming for thousands of concurrent users for some of the biggest companies in the world. We can not only handle the load at scale, we can grow with the load as fast as new residents sign-on.

    How Do I Contact Support?

    If you have a question or problem, please email us at

    What About Security?

    Security is a reasonable concern with any online service, and we take it very seriously. For our service, your data will be hosted on Amazon or Azure infrastructure. Those companies have access to the physical machine on which the virtual machine will run and strict security protocols for data center and administrative access. Above this layer, Frame runs the streaming platform and controls the base operating system image we use. Frame is trusted by companies all over the world to handle their most sensitive data. At Bright Canopy, we also have access to install things on the machine running the viewer. We keep that access tightly controlled and as we scale out will add appropriate audit and access logs and controls. Each of these organizations has a vested interest in securing your data.

    Are You Affiliated With Linden Labs Or The Phoenix Firestorm Project?

    No. While we have been fortunate to work with and receive tremendous encouragement from both of these organizations, we are not created by, affiliated with, or endorsed by either organization in any way.

    Are You Affiliated With Frame?

    Yes. Frame has been a part of the Bright Canopy story from the very beginning, serving as the underlying platform for the service. In November, 2015, Bright Canopy’s founder, Bill Glover, joined Frame as Product Manager for Virtual Worlds and from that point forward Frame has continued to operate the Bright Canopy service directly without interruption. This arrangement serves to benefit the Second Life community even more as Frame can work more directly on ways to expand the Bright Canopy service with new options and flexibility.
    Need help? Please email